Acknowledgments by author John Campbell



Richard McLauchlan was John Campbell’s collaborator on the book and made an exceptional contribution. Richard was educated at Haldane’s alma mater, The Edinburgh Academy, and at the Universities of St Andrews and Cambridge. His doctoral work on the poet R.S. Thomas was published as “Saturday’s Silence” in 2016 by the Haldane-inspired University of Wales Press. He co-founded the Scottish educational charity Light Up Learning and is now a freelance researcher and writer. Richard worked tirelessly alongside Campbell for the last five years of his journey in the footsteps of Haldane to bring Haldane vividly to life.


Lex Nabarro of the U.S. communications and design firm Lexaeon worked with devotion on the visualisation and presentation of the Haldane story. The preparation and layout of the cover photograph of Haldane and the 104 pages of images comprising 176 individual photographs, many of which required restoration or enhancement, reflect Lex’s creative and assiduous work. Lexaeon also designed and created the website